With Biden impeachment ignited, Dems mull strategy

House Democrats are reassessing their strategy for responding to investigations into President Biden that have officially become part of a broader impeachment inquiry, determined to accelerate their fact-checking of Republican claims and sever interest in Biden from the mounting problems faced by his son. Democratic lawmakers and aides say they must combat a GOP that […]

The Convergence of AI and Blockchain: Revolutionizing Smart Contracts

With the rise of accessible artificial intelligence (AI) applications like ChatGPT, the realm of blockchain-based smart contracts is entering a new era of rapid advancements. This convergence of innovative technologies holds the promise of transforming industries by revolutionizing contract development, automation, and efficiency. By combining the decentralized ledger technology of blockchain with AI’s strides in […]

New AI tools are helping doctors screen for mental health conditions

The health system in Britain is now deploying AI-powered mental health tools in large-scale clinical settings, while U.S. health insurance companies are trialing them. Why it matters: AI may be able to help health systems address an overload of patients in need of mental health care. Driving the news: A diagnostic “e-triage” tool from Limbic, […]

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