The Kiffness, Jimmy Fallon…and ‘lekka lekka’ Afrikaans [watch]

16 days ago South African

Late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon could not control his laughter when he played ‘Let Me In’ from The Kiffness on ‘The Tonight Show’ this week. Late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon declared one of his cat songs “an instant hit” on The Tonight Show…and even Bruce Springsteen gave it a thumbs-up! His Let Me In mashup had Fallon in stitches when the “neighbour’s cat” starts to sing. “I’d like to thank the neighbour’s cat for making this possible, but a very special shout out to Questlove who was the first celebrity to share my first cat song [Alugalug Cat] on his Instagram Story. “Not sure how this song ended up on Jimmy Fallon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Questlove had a hand in it.
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