Macron accuses Australia of joining ‘nuclear confrontation’ against China

15 days ago Washington Examiner

French President Emmanuel Macron warned Indo-Pacific leaders against a strict alignment with the United States in “confrontation” with China, while airing his grievance over Australia’s decision last year to purchase American nuclear submarines rather than French boats. "We don't believe in hegemony, we don't believe in confrontation, we believe in stability," Macron told the Asai Pacific Economic Forum in Bangkok. “But the choice made by [Australia] was the opposite, re-entering into nuclear confrontation, making himself completely dependent by deciding to equip themselves [with a] submarine fleet that the Australians are incapable of producing and maintaining in-house,” Macron told reporters, per the Telegraph. “The United States, its allies, and the North Atlantic Alliance are attempting to “assimilate” this space,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on November 13. “A case in point in the context of this policy is the establishment of a military bloc, AUKUS, composed of the United States, Australia, and the U.K.
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